Квест в реальности Trap for superheroes


Продолжительность: 60 минут

Игроков: 2-5

Сложность: средний

Добавлен на сайт: 27.08.2019

Адрес: Vologda, ul. Cheliuskintsev, d. 51 A

The villain stole all the infinity stones and is about to send great part of the population of the Earth into oblivion. Superheroes will share with the participants of the quest your superpowers to work together to stop a disastrous plan. But first you need to get out of the prison in which our brave team will get as soon as quest...

The quest is specially designed for kids 7-14 years old. It is perfect for a children's party or birthday. The children are given a quest, accompanied by a professional animator, which is an integral part of the game adjusts the difficulty depending on the age of the participants.

Бронирование игры

Бронирование квеста в реальности "Trap for superheroes" недоступно.

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