Квест в реальности Mummy.Pharaoh's Treasure

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Продолжительность: 60 минут

Игроков: 2-8

Сложность: сложный

Добавлен на сайт: 14.01.2016

Адрес: Ufa, ul. Dauta Iultyia, 3

In the far-distant past in Ancient Egypt, high priest Imhotep fell in love with the wife of the Pharaoh Anksunamun. Pharaoh, on hearing this, gave orders to arrest and execute them. Before the execution, the priests put a terrible curse according to which, their souls become eternal prisoners of the tomb. Until now, their souls can not find peace... for Many years the tomb was left without attention of mortals. But one day the hunters found her. The spirit was angry and threw all the forces to its treasures and secrets left with him. The poor man was unable to get out...

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