Квест в реальности The Curse Of The Witch

ILLUSION - Quest House

Цены: 700-4000 RUB

Продолжительность: 60 минут

Игроков: 1-5

Сложность: сложный

Добавлен на сайт: 23.04.2017

Адрес: Rostov-on-Don, ul. Prianichnaia, d.3

The thick fog, sent by the Witch who collects the souls of men, and no salvation anywhere and anyone. Many souls devoured Ominous Fog and not a man was born who could defeat the dark powers of mist and kill the wicked Witch.
For the salvation of their souls, people were called to the aid of the Mages of the Five Continents. Bright Wizards came to release the captive souls from everlasting darkness in Ominous Fog and forever dispel it.
......there was a terrible battle. Did not fog, did not become witches, but also about the Light Mages since no one heard. Was afraid to go to people on that godforsaken place, because from there alive, no one came back. Many years have passed since ...
But one day the fog came back. The Oracle of sages discovered that there is an evil worse than the spells the old Witch is an ancient Spirit Archon, spewing Ominous Fog that devours the souls of men.
In that battle Mages have fallen and their souls Archon imprisoned in a stone statue ... and hid in the den of his trust to keep the terrible secret of the grey walls. Those statues keep safe guard of the Archon, hiding them from the eyes of the worthy.
Even the Oracle was revealed that among Decent people, which forces to defeat the evil spell and invoke the power of the Light Mages, to overthrow the Eternal Evil in Hell. And only in the unity of Wizards and each in his place, is able to defeat the Archon.

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