Квест в реальности Caution! The doors are closing.

Умное место « Getsmart»

Рейтинг: 5.00
Кол-во голосовавших за : 0

Продолжительность: 60 минут

Игроков: 2-4

Сложность: сложный

Добавлен на сайт: 14.01.2016

Адрес: Kazan, ul. Salimzhanova, d. 15

We offer You and Your friends to travel in a compartment car of long-distance trains! However, the doors in these cars tend to stick, but Your stop is in one hour. Time to get out before - so You lucky people who got to goal, and even got a bonus in the form of a delicious tea and intimate conversation with the conductor about life. Did not-does not matter! You will unleash a team of specially trained people, but, alas, the station will pass its...

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