Квест в реальности Black Pearl


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Off the coast of Isla De Muerte in the line of sight from each other are two ships. One of them is the famous "Black Pearl", and the second the pride of the Royal Navy - the battleship of the first class Dauntless. It was in his side sent a boat on which someone is sitting with ladies lace umbrella. To it at the bottom of the sea are the pirates who don't need air, because they have long cursed the gods of the Indians, that stole 663 gold plaques from the old trunk.But behind the Cape, protected from the wind by the Bay is at anchor another ship, that is not a guess nor the pirates of the black Pearl, or soldiers "Smashing". It's the ship "Queen Anne's Revenge", captain Edward teach, better known as Blackbeard. He sailed to Isla De Muerte on their business – in search of the fountain of Youth Blackbeard has long travels on the seas and oceans.
The lookout "Queen Anne" saw "Rajasam" the battle began. Knowing captain Jack Sparrow, Edward teach does not exclude that this rascal could steal from the Spaniards Bowl that once belonged to Ponce de Leon. He chose among his team's most able and intelligent people and sent them to the Black Pearl - to rummage the hold, until there is a fight on "Rajasam".

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