Квест в реальности Mystery travel Agency Robinzon


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Продолжительность: 60 минут

Игроков: 2-4

Сложность: средний

Добавлен на сайт: 05.01.2016

Адрес: Chelyabinsk, ul. Postysheva, d. 3

Strange things began to happen in the travel Agency "Robinzon". All those who used his services, going to exotic countries, began to disappear without a trace. The police sealed the office of the Agency and is actively seeking its employees to testify. You're a group of volunteers who got into the Agency because you have your guesses about what is happening. You will have a difficult task in 60 minutes: 1. To understand where he went missing tourists. 2. To reveal the secret agencies. 3. To get out of the office. And remember: the Police Agency patrols every hour, and if you fail, you will be mistaken for the main suspects in this case!

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